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fanwenvip 初心范文网 2021-03-03


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Safety is very important for everyone.As students,we should pay more attention to safety.

Firstly,there are more and more cars on the road now.So when we cross the road we must be careful so that we cant be hit by the car.Then,having healthy food is also important.We shouldnt eat lots of junk food or unclean food.It isnt good for our health.Whats more,we should use the Internet carefully.When a net-friend wants to invite you to meet outside,you had better refuse him.He may be a bad person.Finally,we should learn some common knowledge of safety to protect ourselves.

In a word,if we do these things well,our life will be better!


Security is often in a word, but it is not only simple in a word, it is the manipulation of life. If you accidentally touch on it, it will make you wandered the ShengSiGuan. So, we should beware of the unsafe hidden side, don't let it hurt you, let oneself forever and security company.

And in life always hidden some unsafe hidden side, such as drinking and driving, brewing, a car accident at the end of the elderly, without electricity, results to electrocution, drowning events... Startling examples abound, etc,. Just at the gate of our school, and again the two dangerous event. Is a school for the first time in front of the long road of unsafe example: a student of grade 4 and grade 5 through the grapevine, a white car was parked block line of sight, makes the student does not know the dangerous to be near him step by step, trail a van is coming. Primary school students in the case of unknown to the opposite, instant, car and primary school students to an intimate contact, the pupil knocked out more than a metre... Then report the situation to every school is that pupils are broken, there is no danger, all breathe a sigh of relief, the hanging heart also quietly spin down. This left a deep impression on us, and the next is a serious reminder wake-up call for everyone. A the head of the second grade students are stuck in the hallway of the railings, finally rescued.

There are many sound scary stories, safety is very important, safety accident each day, little injuries, is death. Let's put an end to danger, with security!





In recent years, frequent traffic accidents. One of the important reasons for the traffic accident, it is lack of safety consciousness. Now, I will give you a few examples: the importance of safety first.

First, walk to concentrate on, in the city, bike lanes, governmental, it is smooth and safe. But, just some people don't obey the traffic rules, free travel on the road, the cage over look this kind of situation. For example, the day before yesterday I see on TV is not play the side walk, a group of friends and talk, talk about very happy, forget the look around, it's not, the two children was hit by a car. So we must bear in mind that security no small matter this sentence.

Second, don't jaywalk, some people in order to catch time, jaywalking, the year before, chenyang school (secondary school districts) there is a person, to give back, Yang out of the car is running, right against the face is to a car, smashed up, the student died on the spot.

Third, cycling careful on the road, a few days ago, I in front of the neighbor, in a delay in learning to go home, turn on storage battery, a collision with a pedal car storage battery, as a result, the oneself is injured, the other one of the pedals of a storage battery shell was broken. Although do not have caused great damage, but we must be careful.

Fourth, don't play on the road, some students like roller skating, play football, play skip rope and hide-and-seek, these are some good exercise, but some students don't have any place fun, playing in the street is wrong. Here, the road accident prone. Blocking traffic and not safe, so we're going to get into the habit of abide by traffic regulations, how to get into the habit of abide by traffic regulations? We can find some more information, through radio and let you know the traffic rules, so you will be safe all the way.

Ok, I said here, anyway, we need to do the safety education of children and adolescents work, improve the traffic safety consciousness of the youth, the parents should teach their children should know some traffic safety knowledge, to avoid traffic accident, should also cultivate their ability to save themselves from armor.







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